Old Indian Mall to help Jonesboro ditch work

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Three hundred miles of open Jonesboro ditches will be lined with rubble from the Indian Mall, thanks to the courteous donation of city developers.

Fragments of what was once KB Toy Store, Foot Locker, and other department stores will soon be used to prevent soil erosion and other drainage issues across the city.

Street Superintendent Steve Tippitt says many ditches are plagued with trees, trash, and soft ground, making it very difficult to work on them.

"If the bottom falls away and we can't get the machine up and down the ditch, we've got to stop work."

These ditches have to be maintained around the clock, as the weathering process never stops.

And without the cooperation from the developers, it would get pricey.

"What we put in these ditches costs us about $345 a load."

Ditch maintenance an ongoing battle, so Mayor Perrin says they are ready to pick up the rubble as soon as possible.

"We're just simply taking that product that they had given to us, and we're just taking that, moving it. We're going to stockpile it over on Strawfloor, out at the old landfill. Then we'll use that material as we need it."

Perrin adds that they'll still have the costs of hauling and buying diesel, but it'll still be easier on the check book.

"It's going to save the city money not having to buy that material that we're doing now. It's going to save on the landfill, the life of the landfill."

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