NEA Homebuilders bring "Home and Garden Show" to Region 8

Home owners and remodelers were able to consult with more than 50 vendors at this weekends Home and Garden show.

There were plenty of folks looking for help.

((Michelle Lundry/Remodeler: Just kind of seeing what ideas I can get for my new home. It's brand new, so I got to have something.))

((Alex Hanusowski/Building a house: Looking at cabinets, designs and different flooring patterns and things like that.))

These days folks are doing it themselves, and their not scared to try new things.

((Julie Mills/Exec. Officer, NEA Homebuilders: They are figuring out that it's not quite as difficult as what they thought it was going to be and theres a lot of things that go into it. So they need to talk to a professional, remodler or something like that, that can actually let them know what they need to do before they try and tackel it themselves.))

((Heather Flanigan: Event organizers say building or remodeling a home is not just about landscaping and counter tops any more, in fact this year for the first time, they've added plasma televisions and electronics.))

((Heather Flanigan: Are you seeing a lot of people coming in to remodel or build houses?))

((Harris Cain/Vendor: Build mostly, people who are interested in building, of course there are always people who are interested in remodeling too.))

With new trends and ideas every year, it's enough to keep you coming back.

((Michelle Lundry/Remodeler: I've been here 3 years in a row, so I've gotten ideas on how I can reconstruct my house and all that.))

In Jonesboro with Photojournalist Laura Gunter, I'm Heather Flanigan for K8 news.