Warm, mild winter could mean buggy spring

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Have you already been hearing and seeing mosquitoes this year? Or have ants started to march into your home or drive way?

Even though Winter has a few more weeks to run; Unless we get a lot of really cold, dry weather, the insect forecast..is going to be a bad one for humans.

Meteorologist Sarah Tipton told me this really hasn't been much of a winter at all.

"We have had those stretches of cold but in the afternoons the temperatures rose to below freezing to above freezing . Overall it's just been a very mild winter."

Ken Winford, who owns All American Pest Control says around this time of year, you normally wouldn't see very many insects at all following a normal Winter.

Winford, "This years no normal year. We've got ants all over the place. Incredible amounts of ants. We needed that cold weather." he said. "We got to get down below freezing a few times And ideally stay there for 4 or 5 days at a time. That really helps with the insect control."

And you may have noticed, the mosquitoes are still here, having wintered over.

Winford, "The milder it is and the more water and rain you have, and we've had plenty of that and it looks like we're gonna get a lot more. It's gonna be a heck of a mosquito crop this year. Last year we didn't have very many because it was so hot and dry, this year I think we are going to be overwhelmed. "

Besides the mosquitos coming out this year, it could be a bad year for termites.

Ken and his crew were treating the house of Dale Walker in Paragould. It's a complicated process of inspection, drilling, ditching and treating.

"Days in the 70's and rain like we will be getting this week, will bring the swarms." Winford warns. "We get a nice warm rain, termites are going to start swarming. It's going to happen any day now."

Winford says the normal swarming time is around the 25th of March or later.

And of course don't forget the cockroaches, and spiders and fleas, all that good stuff. And there are lots of ladybugs as well.

Winford, "They're coming out of their harborage now and they're beginning to show up in peoples houses. I even think we seen some up at the TV station."

Here at KAIT Ken has been battling the tough little beetles that have taken a strong liking to about half of our building.

Jim Stark with Vector Mosquito control agrees with Winford. "It could be a really rough year with mosquitoes."

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