Randolph County levees could get first big test with this week’s rainfall

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - With this week's rains  expected to drop over 6 inches,  all that water has to go somewhere. Because the levees are not on river banks, the water has a way to rise before they are really put to use. But the flooding could happen...again.

Last April, the levees outside Pocahontas had 13 large holes cut in them as flood waters poured down from the North. But now they are all fixed.

County Judge David Jansen sat in his office watching the rain pour down outside. "The Levee Board met Tuesday and finished paying the last contractor and it's all a done deal you know."

It would take days of solid rains upstream to get the water back to 2011 levels but Judge Jansen says it's on his mind.

Jansen, "I still worry, I hope we don't get tested. We don't need to be tested."

In Pocahontas the Robil addition and many of the businesses were flooded. The city now has built a smaller levee in a low spot along side Pace Road.

Mayor Frank Bigger's said there is still plastic showing from all the different layers of sand, rock and fill dirt. "You drive over there now and you'll see water starting to pool in some of those lower fields out there, it's starting to pool pretty good. But that's what just fell not what come out of the river. " In fact at that point the river is about 3/4 of a mile away.

But that location also has a weak spot. The Shannon Baptist church is supposed to build a connecting levee their with city assistance. Biggers says he is unsure why that hasn't been done yet.

Unlike the big levees the cities levee lacks holding vegetation that adds strength to the barrier.

Biggers, "We did seed our grass back in late January, early February." The cities levee is just starting to show some green. The newly rebuilt levees out in the county are grass and brush covered.

Both the mayor and the judge agree that for the moment it's as good as it gets.

Jansen, "I don't want to get tested on them. But all 13 breaches have been put back to corp standards so we feel good about it. "

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