Roads open after recent flooding washes gravel away

BONO, AR (KAIT) - Three to four inches fell on parched land near Craighead County Road 328, outside of Bono on Thursday.

Up to a foot of flood water rushed over back roads and low-lying areas.

"I think when the rain really started in hard, most people stayed home. So we had the deputies out on some of the county roads that would call in. We would, in turn, call the county road department."

Today, however, the roads have been opened.

E 9-1-1 Coordinator Jeff Presley says concerned residents made the necessary phone calls right away to ensure everyone's safety.

If we've got a roadway that's been compromised, a culvert or something that's been washed out. Keep in mind that waters underneath that road, you don't know what's under it."

Presley adds that it only takes six inches of flood water to float a vehicle, and then you're at the mercy of the current.

Many flash flooding fatalities occur from people trapped inside their vehicles.

Flash floods are the leading weather-killer, with up to half of all drownings vehicle-related.

"You don't want to drive through water that deep. It can start to move your vehicle. One foot of water can surely move even an SUV or pickup."

Once that happens, he says to abandon ship and find higher ground.

"That can be a dangerous situation. Dialing 9-1-1 as soon as you can so we can get your coordinates, and we'll know where you're at and get you some help out there."