Jonesboro E911 seeking storm shelter registration

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Recent devastating storms in Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky have motivated many to install storm shelters or safe rooms in their homes.

These shelters increase your chance of survival but could also be your tomb if no one comes looking for you. Jonesboro E911 is seeking persons to register their storm shelters or safe rooms.

Jeff Presley, the Jonesboro E-911 Coordinator showed me the computer mapping of GPS points around the county.

"We will have a data base on a GPS system where we can pinpoint shelters for the search and rescue side. " Presley said. "It's going to be a very important tool."

Presley said the data base will be confidential and only used when a disaster strikes. He said that, "If you are trapped in your safe room or basement and trying to make a cell call we will have people looking for you so that you won't have to stay in there for a long time."

Billy Carson and his wife were looking at shelters at Rethink Storm Shelters. Carson said he wanted to get one big enough to hold all his grandchildren as well as himself and his wife. I asked where he was looking at placing the big steel box.

"I believe the carport would be the best place for it. It would be out of the rain and I could get into it quick." Carson said.

The Rethink Shelters can be placed in a variety of locations in and out of the house and they have an option in case of entrapment.

Chrystal Bullock showed a couple of the shelters and said that cell phones would work in the shelters as long as service is available. Bullock said a plate would have to be welded into the shelter for a jack.

Bullock, "An 8 thousand pound jack can be added to the shelter and then this back lid can be jacked up to remove any debris that may be piled on top."

I asked Carson if he would register his shelter.

"You know you got to think about the carport caving in on you." Carson says. "They might not know where you're at. It's something to think about."

To register you can email Presley at or you can call him at 870-933-4694.

They need the address, contact number, type of shelter, how many it will hold and a GPS location if possible.

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