Why are theatre concession stand prices so high?

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Popcorn is an inexpensive snack at the grocery store, but pricey at the movie theatres. By the time you take the whole family to the movies, you may feel like you could have bought a steak dinner. Why is it so expensive and where does all the cash actually go?

Sharon Glasscock, the manager with Cinema 8 in Paragould, admits to Region 8 News that prices are high, but said there is good reason.

"We have to depend on the concession stand to make it," said Glasscock.

She says they are like most theatres across America where most of the money they rake in from ticket sales goes right back to the movie studio and the booking agency.

"They are gonna get theirs right off the top," said Sharon.

On average, most theatres only keep about 20 to 25 percent of movie ticket profits. When you're looking at a $7.00 ticket, that is only about $1.00 to the movie theatre, but Sharon said it's not all bad news for the theatres.

"Then of course the longer it plays and then of course we will begin to see some dollars off of it there" said Sharon.

So as much as Sharon says she is passionate about the movies and the escape they stand for, she said it is all about paying the bills through pricey popcorn, cotton candy, slushies and of course candy, candy and more candy.

"Yeah always asking how much popcorn did we sell. How much upsale did we get and did we get some good sales out of all this," said Sharon.

So it is thanks to the munchies or your sweet tooth that theatres are able to make any money at all.

Even if this story doesn't save you money, the next time you hit the movies, at least you know where all your money goes.

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