Arkansas Children's Hospital celebrates 100 years

(Source: Arkansas Children's Hospital)
(Source: Arkansas Children's Hospital)
(Source: Arkansas Children's Hospital)
(Source: Arkansas Children's Hospital)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock is celebrating it's 100th birthday.

As a part of this celebration, the hospital has released a documentary tracking the hospital's history to present.

Director of Communications for Arkansas Children's Hospital, Dan McFadden, says this was a way to give back to the public.

"One of the really cool things we're doing to celebrate the 100th birthday of Arkansas Children's Hospital," McFadden said. "Is a brand new documentary that has been in production for 100 years and we're really excited about sharing that. It goes through the history of the hospital coming from our humble beginnings as a children's home that provided care for homeless children across the state to where we are today. And also looking at the challenges we face carrying the successes of the past in to the next 100 years."

McFadden says that one of the things he and fellow coworkers are most proud of is the Angel One Transport.

"Angel One Transport has really transformed and decreased the infant mortality rate throughout the state," McFadden said. "It came around in 1986 and when we were only an hour away from anyplace in Arkansas, it's just fantastic to be able to reach out and pick up a child or a newborn and be able to get them back to Arkansas Children's Hospital in under an hour."

McFadden says they're also very proud to see the new NICU at St. Bernards up and running.

"About a week ago," McFadden said. "St. Bernards held a press conference opening up their brand new NICU, as part of the more organization of care throughout the state of Arkansas. That's being able to provide care closer to home. And in the past, parents have had preemies or infants that needed additional care have had to come to Little Rock and that is totally disruptive to family life. We all know that it's much better to have your family and that care and that support closer to home. So, with this wonderful new NICU at St. Bernards in collaboration with Arkansas Children's Hospital and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Pediatrics, we have a neonatologist that is there in the NICU providing that care around the clock. And if the baby needs some special help or perhaps surgery, yes, we would be able to have Angel One up here to transport the child to Little Rock. Our hope is that we'll be able to care for that baby in the NICU and keep it close to home."

McFadden says these one hundred years have been great, but there's still more to be done.

"Arkansas Children's Hospital is about Arkansas," McFadden said. "Also, the support of the people across the state. We've done so much over the past 100 years and improving the lives, not only improving the lives but the length and quality of lives of the kids in our state. But there's just so much more that still has to be done and really until no child needs us, we need your help."

The documentary will be airing Thursday, March 15th at 6:30 after Region 8 News at Six.

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