Local high school promoting Stop Bullying Week

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) - Like any other school, Highland High School has bullying, but this week, they're promoting Stop Bullying Week and celebrating HERO Week

Guest speaker from the AHEC Program in Mountain Home, Amanda Harvey, visited the campus Wednesday.

Harvey spoke to the junior and senior high classes on the various types of bullying that go on in and around schools. Harvey also talked about how bullying can be stopped.

Highland High Sophomore Amy Clay-Thomas told Region 8 News that there's a lot of bullying in schools.

"I think without a doubt I have bullied people. Not on purpose but it happens sometimes by making a snide remark or something I didn't really mean," Clay-Thomas said. "As much as I would like to believe, I really don't think you can completely stop bullying but you can do as much as it takes to minimize it as much as possible."

HERO stands for Helping Everyone Reach Out.

Highland High Sophomore Madi Harris told us that she's no stranger to bullying either.

"I think there is but it's not really as obvious as you think it is. It's not like people pushing people against lockers and taking lunch money. It's more like in their minds. "Hey like you look nice today." but being more sarcastic," Madi said.

Sophomore Breanna Murphy said that even a bullying Facebook post can have far reaching affects.

"If you posted a status about someone and they committed suicide, what would you feel like when you're older? Like would you be regretful," Murphy said. "Like I shouldn't have done that I cost somebody their life."

Murphy told us she posted something mean once but removed it and apologized. Every student we spoke with admitted they had bullied someone before, whether directly or indirectly.

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