CSI comes to Marmaduke schools

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT)-Besides inspiring some of the most popular shows on TV. CSI officers take on a vital role in the investigation and solving of crimes.

On Friday, Marmaduke students got a little taste of what it takes to be a CSI investigator.

The Marmaduke Community Center was the scene of murder most foul and 90 officers were given the case to solve.

"Matthew who is my killer and my best friend came by and cut my neck and I bled out through my carotid artery." said Marmaduke GT student Tonlee Mitchell. She laid in the kitchen, a bloody knife on the floor beside her. Lieutenant Shane Martin from the Marmaduke Police Department set up the scene.

It's not going to be as elaborate as what a true crime scene would be." Martin said, "We're not going to have the blood spatter and all those other things that you would find."

The "victim" said she didn't think any of the students would be shocked at her appearance as the bloody corpse.

Mitchell, "I think on TV it doesn't seem as real as it is. So I think when they see stuff like this or on TV it's "Oh they're really ok." So I don't know if they are immune to it or they know it's just pretend."

But it would still pique the interest of a modern 4th grader like Paige Upchurch who understood the need for a photographic record.

"To keep in your mind what the person looked like and how it happened." said Upchurch. She was standing in a small group with other 4th graders making notes on a pad.

While one group of students was checking out the murder scene, others were getting fingerprint, as part of an I. D. package and a third group was checking out the BAT mobile from Black River Technical College. The truck is a portable blood alcohol lab used in sobriety checkpoints.

The GT students had a chance early on to try and walk the line with the beer goggles on. They staggered and wobbled trying to walk the straight and narrow.

Char Green, the GT Coordinator for the district says this CSI program offers more than fake blood.

Green, "A lot of different aspects of learning; Science, math, history, law."

Green says the CSI program also sews the seeds of possible careers in students minds.

Green, "There's so many areas the kids can learn about more and just check out new avenues they might not have thought of if we hadn't been doing this."

In the kitchen,all the clues had been gathered and a suspect was being questioned by Lt. Martin and the other team members.

In the end, Paige Upchurch says, it was technology that solved the crime.

"Finding the cell phone, figuring it out that it was Matthew's and talking to Matthew to find out if he was the murderer." Upchurch said, a small gleam of satisfaction in her eye.