Volunteers help beautify Lake Poinsett State Park area

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) – The grounds near the Lake Poinsett State Park may look a little neater after some spring cleaning Saturday.

A small group of volunteers spent a few hours picking up trash and litter around the park, which held its semi-annual cleaning event this weekend.

"It's really harmful to the area, and it really doesn't look good for people coming to visit," said Kathy Evans, the assistant park superintendent. "Being one of the main tourist attractions here in Harrisburg, you really hate to see that garbage. It really kind of keeps people away from enjoying this area."

Evans and several Harrisburg residents put on gloves and collected trash along Hwy. 163 and the three access points to Lake Poinsett. Their efforts are sponsored by Keep Arkansas Beautiful, as the organization kicks off the Great American Cleanup this month.

"It doesn't take long, just maybe two hours," resident Eva Hooker said. "You'll feel better about it. It's good exercise. You don't have to pay for a gym. All you have to do is pick up trash."

Hooker and other members of the Lake Poinsett Community Association consistently volunteer for the cleanups, and they say their small commitment has a much larger impact on the community.

"We do this twice a year, and we're hoping to educate people on the amount of garbage that is not a good thing to have," Evans explained. "It really hurts the beauty of the place. It also hurts our animals, the wildlife, that are out here."

Evans says the park is also planning its next semi-annual cleanup in the fall and is asking more to get involved.

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