Visitors learn art of soap making at Crowley’s Ridge State Park

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – People stepped back in time Saturday to learn what their ancestors did to stay clean.

The Crowley's Ridge State Park hosted a soap making workshop this weekend. The park showed that making soap by hand is no more challenging than following a recipe.

Heather Runyan, the park interpreter, demonstrated the art of making soap with the cold-process method, and she hopes the class walks away with more than a mastery of a traditional skill.

"I want them to understand why handmade soap is a good thing to have around from an environmental standpoint," Runyan said. "I also want them to understand that it's okay to try something new every now and then."

Participants also got to take home recipes and several bars of homemade soap. They can even come back and pick up what they made Saturday once it's cured.

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