Local Reaction Mixed on Approval of Liquor License

As expected local reaction was mixed when it came to Wednesday's decision to allow Piero's Main Street Bistro to serve alcohol.  For many the issue comes down to principles.  North Main Baptist's head minister headed down to Little Rock for the ABC hearing, but that didn't mean his congregation still did not have strong opinions.  Clifton Griffen said, "I don't see any good coming from drinking."  An unidentified friend added Piero's had lost him as a customer.

Cooler heads prevailed across town at Cathedral Baptist church.  Pastor Doug Welborn told us he had seen this whole cycle before.  He says it is only natural for growing communities to make the transition from being "dry" to being "wet."  He lived in a Texas community which saw similar changes over a relatively short time.

Another resident, William Bobbett says he feels it is about time for the community to add private clubs.  He says it is only fair for small business owners to compete in today's world.  He adds he doesnt plan on ever going to Pieros but is happy they have the liscence.

Overall the community seems very split on the idea of having extra private clubs selling alcohol.  Piero's argues they are a special case because they serve fine dining.  Giving customers only the best in service and atmosphere.