Campgrounds closing ahead of torrential rains

NORFORK, AR (KAIT) - Three to four inches of rain have already fallen in north-central Arkansas, and forecasters are expecting more in the next two days.

Robert Harrison, of Rose Trout Dock, says they will pull their  boats out of the water soon and even anchor their dock on higher ground.

In fact, he blames the Buffalo River for most of the flooding problems.

"The Buffalo runs in 12 miles upstream to White river then another 6 miles up, Crooked Creek runs in...and neither one is dammed."

Four years ago, he watched as the White River came just feet from touching the top of the Norfork Bridge.

A half-foot of rainfall caused the White and Buffalo Rivers to swell, sending rescue crews in by boat and helicopter.

"Like down here at Porterfield Estates down the river here, the old bank caved off, covered the road up. they couldn't get out. Some of them were flooded out but some were in their houses."

But for now, Harrison is glad they don't have to worry about flooding.

"We're actually fortunate here. We're in the backwater, usually, when it floods. The flood comes down White River and just backs up in here."

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