Bono mayor to form committee for choosing new police chief

BONO,AR (KAIT) – bono is still without a an official police chief, but the mayorBilly stephens says the city is making some strides with the decision.

Themayor says close to 10 applications have come in and that he wants to form acommittee at the first of next month to help determine who would be the bestperson for the job.

FormerBono Police chief Lance Suttles was fired  after he was charged forobstructing government operations. It's been a tough month for the town of Bono.

"We do have a reputationwe have to overcome and it's just sad," said Shirley Dodson. For twentyyear, Dodson has served as a member of the Bono City Council. And in the pastsix years, seen three police chiefs arrested.

"It's embarrassing toBono. We're just going to have to overcome a bunch of obstacles that they'veput us in," said Dodson.

"I believe I acted in thebest interest for the citizens of Bono," said Bono Mayor Billy Stephens.

Stephens is just pushing to put the past in the rear-view mirror. "Justtry to keep moving forward. We'll get over this," said Stephens.

In moving forward, what is thecity doing to keep history from repeating it's self? The first step happened at a meeting, City Attorney Robert Gibson was present at the meeting and advised thecouncil to schedule a special meeting.

"We're going to over somethings about hiring and firing people," said Stephens.

At the meeting, Mayor Stephensrecognized newly appointed Police Chief Dustin Norwood.

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