Tasty treats are sold to help premature babies

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Jonesboro and Craighead County's finest law enforcement officials put their taste buds to the test on Wednesday.

Four officers acted as judges in the first ever "Iron Chef" competition.

Optus employees baked their best treats to battle for the winning Iron Chef title.

All proceeds earned from the day went to the March of Dimes.

National Accounts Manager with Optus, David Burnett, says it's important to be a part of the community you live and work in.

"We've all been effected by premature births," Burnett said. "If not yourself, someone you know in your family or friends. So, we find it very important to get involved and provide all the support that we can."

Once the competition ended, Optus employees were invited to purchase the left over tasty treats.

Sales Engineer with Optus, Shane Lerma, was one of the participants who baked a tray full of cupcakes for the competition.

Lerma says people need to step back and think about how they can help others.

"We all think we have problems in life," Lerma said. "But when you see some of the things like the March of Dimes babies and stuff you realize that it's worth contributing to and it's a good cause. And again, if you have a bake sale it's a win-win situation. Win for the babies and win for us."

Assistant Chief Deputy for the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, Marty Boyd, was one of the judges.

Boyd says he was proud to have the opportunity to come out and help.

"When they first asked us to participate," Boyd said. "I thought this was a really nice change of pace from what we do day to day. It's really nice of Optus to do this and invite us out to participate. In general, law enforcement is always one of the first to get involved in any type of fund raiser to help support the community."

Wednesdays Iron Chef competition is just one of many fund raisers for the March of Dimes Burnett says they've held over the past couple of months.

"Without our support and donations from companies and people like ours," Burnett said. "They wouldn't have the money to provide their research and support to families with premature children. The one thing about March of Dimes is they help everyone in every community."

There are over one hundred employees at the Optus location in Jonesboro.

For additional information about Optus, log onto their website.

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