First responders get new equipment

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - The Craighead County Office of Emergency Management recentlypurchased some new equipment that's going to benefit Craighead County LawEnforcement and emergency responders.

Directorof Craighead County Emergency Management, David Moore, says they purchased anumber of different things through grants from Homeland Security. "We'vereceived some equipment to better utilize emergency response assets in thecounty," Moore said. "We have what's called 'active shooter trainingequipment'. These are weapons that actually simulate what the officers carry.So, instead of just carrying a toy to practice with, when they pick this weaponup it has all the feel of a normal weapon. So, it's better trainingequipment."

Mooresays this particular training equipment came highly recommended. "I've hada lot of reports nationwide," Moore said. "From different parts ofthe country that this is some excellent training equipment and we believe we'rebringing cutting edge equipment to the Craighead County Sheriff'sDepartment."

Mooresays he's happy to see the equipment finally here. "This equipment hasbeen a long time coming," Moore said. "Some of it was on back order,but I'm so proud to see it here because I want to see it utilized."

Mooresays the active shooter training equipment is particularly important toofficers in training. "When an officer walks into a dangeroussituation," Moore said. "Especially with an active shooter, he reallyneeds to have that training background. Not looking at a video screen orsomething like that. Where he's familiar, man on man."

Mooresays they also purchased an ID system that will help them identify and trackfirst responders during a major disaster. "We can print ID cards for firstresponders within the county," Moore said. "It's not just a plasticbadge that hangs on your chest that tells you who you are. We're able to gathertraining information and things like that encoded into the bar code badge. Itwill tell what type of training someone has."

Mooresays these badges will add to response efficiency and speed in a disastroussituation. "We don't want someone who doesn't have the proper training towalk into a dangerous situation," Moore said. "We want to make surethey're going to be able to do the job they say they can."

Thegrant that made these purchases possible was the FY-09 Law Enforcement GrantMoore says they just closed out at the end of last year. The total grant wasfor $26, 000.

Formore information about Craighead County Office of Emergency Management, you canlog onto their website.

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