New exhibit opens at ASU Museum

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's Museum has a new exhibit up and open tothe public called Arkansas Rocks, Rivers and Road cuts. It's teaching Arkansasgeography to the public in an interactive and fun way. Education Curator of theASU Museum, Jill Kary, says "It is an Arkansas Discovery Network exhibit.It's funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, and allows people to come inand learn the geology of Arkansas."

Thisnew exhibit explores the five physiographical regions of the state. Museumvisitors can learn about the geography of Arkansas and the processes thatformed the different regions. "We have a wonderful settling column,"Kary said. "People can spin this big tube and watch to see what happensunderneath the earth when we have an earthquake. We also have a big, round tubof a thing full of sand. There's a button on it that you push and causes sandblows to occur. So, it's really interesting to watch that and watch whathappens when it stops because it causes the land to sink."

Karysays these exhibits help people to understand what happened to their own state."After the New Madrid Fault," Kary said. "It caused a lot ofsunken areas in Arkansas. The great sunken lands are what people used to callit. And so, there are a lot of places in Arkansas that sank after the NewMadrid Earthquake of 1812."

Karysays these interactive exhibits appeal to people of all ages. "These aregreat for children," Kary said. "But they're also great for adults.Many of us when we were in school weren't paying attention when the teachertalked to us about geology. But once you come in here and you look at thingsand see how the earth works, it causes us to be more interested andengaged."

Theexhibit will be at the museum until the end of August. Museum hours are Tuesday9 to 7, Wednesday through Saturday is 9 to 5, and Sunday 1 to 5. Admission isfree and open to the public.

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