Former Bono Alderman Arrested on Rape Charges

March 19, 2004 - posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

Bono, AR - A former member of the Bono City Council is being held by Sharp County Officials this evening after being arrested on rape charges shortly after 2 o'clock Friday by Bono Police Chief Rick DuHon.

47 year old Glenn Wynn is charged with 12 counts of alleged rape, and 2 counts of alleged second degree sexual abuse. The victim is described as a 14 year old female.

Some members of the Bono community say they can't believe it.

"He doesn't seem like the type of person that would do anything like that," said a Bono resident.

"That don't sound right to me, it really don't, not from Glenn," said Bono resident Tom Johnson.

Glenn Wynn is the owner of an auto parts store in Bono, a place where many people say they do business and have nothing but good things to say about its owner.

"Everybody liked him, he didn't have an enemy in town," said Johnson.

Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver told K-8 news the alleged sexual wrong-doing happened in that county with a minor 2 years ago, but was just recently reported. He says he had more than just verbal evidence, although he wouldn't get into specifics, to warrant the arrest made by Bono Police

Officials say they made the arrest outside of Wynn's shop. They say he was working on a tractor and was fully cooperative.

"We did serve that warrant and he was transported to the Sharp County Sheriff's Office," said Bono Police Chief Rick DuHon.

Wynn, who is married with a family, is described as being a prominent and respectable member of the community. He served on the Bono City Council, and lost a Mayor's race. His good friend and Pastor says he stands by Glenn completely.

"Unbelievable," said Pastor Robbie Jones Jr. "I don't believe that, I honestly don't believe that. Glenn Wynn would not do that."

Wynn is being charged with a Class Y Felony, and could face 10-40 years or life in prison. In court today, officials describe him as being humble.

"He's just been so good to me and the community. He's helped everybody in this 50 mile area of this spot right here," said Jones.

Wynn appeared this afternoon in Ash Flat before Sharp County Judge R.T. Starken, who set bond for the suspect at $150,000.

Wynn's arraignment is scheduled for April 5th.