First gorilla born at Little Rock Zoo to be moved

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The first gorilla to be born at the Little Rock Zoo is leaving home.

Zoo officials say 5-year-old Mosi will eventually start to challenge his father, Fossey, for dominance in the family group and must be moved to keep the peace.

Primate keeper Daphne Pfeiffer told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( Mosi probably won't really challenge his father until he is 8 or 9, but employees are beginning to see some irritation on the part of the females toward him. He'll be 6 on Oct. 10.

Officials are going to ship him off to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, where he'll join a bachelor group.

Gorillas live in family groups consisting of a mature male, several females and their young.

Mosi's mother, Sekani, will have a baby this fall.