Merle Haggard Announces Plans for Movie During Region 8 Visit

March 18, 2004 -- Posted at 9:01 p.m. CST

MELBOURNE -- Country music super star Merle Haggard was in Region 8 Sunday, performing at Ozarka College to a nearly sold out audience. But before the show went on, Haggard had a few announcements to make.

Merle Haggard has performed for presidents, appeared in several television productions and now has decided to make a movie about himself.

"My life has been spectacular and I don't think it can be told in one film I think it has be a little episode of it," said Haggard.

The man who made famous the "Oakie from Muskogee" says he hopes his movie is filmed right here in Arkansas.

"It would be nice if it was, I hope so," laughed Haggard.

But the film is still in early development... those close to Haggard tell K-8 news that producer Harry Thomason may become involved in the project.

"It's in the stages of trying to decide whether we should try to tell the entire story or break it down into episodes and make a series out of it," said Haggard.

And a humble Haggard just hopes that the movie will be good...

"I'm hoping they will just take some interesting period of my life and film that."

Haggard also weighed in on topics from where roadhouses and country music have gone today....

"Russia's more likely to have a honkey tonk life than we are at this moment," laughed Haggard.

To his thoughts on world politics...

"The only one whose been damaged by this war is us. We need to get back some of our arrogance like the President's's a real toss up as to whose been damaged in this country," said Haggard, "I'm ashamed of the way we have to act, looking up each other's dresses....what's wrong with us?"

Haggard held a news conference Sunday afternoon following his pre-concert sound check, which K8 News was invited to.

Haggard was most recently ranked 6th in CMT's poll of the "40 greatest country music male artists" of all time.