Ind. Co. Sheriff investigating two arsons near Batesville

MAGNESS AND SULPHER ROCK, AR (KAIT) – Two trailer campers near Batesville have burned in suspicious fires.

Police say one of the two camper trailers was located on Cleghorn Chapel Road in Magness, and the other fire happened on north Main Street in Sulphur Rock.

The trailer camper that burned in Magness belonged to Thomas Edward Yates, according to police.

Investigators say Yates was out of town as flames fully engulfed his home. Yates's father-in-law, Bill McElroy, who owns the property where the camper trailer was placed, told police that he was at the home March 23 around noon when he found people he didn't know walking around the area.

According to police reports, when McElroy asked the people what they were up to, they said they were looking for a "deceased person."

The second trailer camper burned belonged to Robert L. McElroy, and officers with the Independence County Sheriff Department say that McElroy hadn't been to his home in quite some time and asked his brother and neighbor to check on the property periodically.

Investigators say McElroy did mention that he had several enemies in the surrounding area, and wouldn't doubt if one of them might be responsible for the damage to his property.

It is not immediately known if the fires or the two McElroy men are related.

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