After violent morning, Blytheville PD reminding residents to keep safe

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Blytheville Police are urging vigilance after a violent morning Monday that left one man dead, and another woman held at gunpoint in an apparent home invasion.

Blytheville Police say they are searching for a suspect in the shooting death of 65-year-old Raymond Warren. Police found him around 1 a.m. lying dead from a gunshot wound on his front porch at 636 South Lake Street.

Neighbors of Warren said they lost a fixture in their community. "I just really hate that, you know, an older person is gone, because I looked at him like a dad or grandfather figure," said Doris Carter who had known Warren for several years.

"Mr. Raymond, he was a sweet person. He didn't bother nobody. He always stayed to his self."

Blytheville police captain Scott Adams said when police arrived Warren's truck was parked in front of the house instead of in the driveway. "Even if somebody did hear something, from the street view, the truck would've been blocking what had happened," Adams said.

About half an hour before the shooting and 1.2 miles away from 636 South Lake, Blytheville Police responded to an aggravated residential burglary at 500 North West Parkway, where Marquiya Brown lives with her fiancé and three children.

Brown said a man knocked on her door looking for a woman she does not know. "He asked to speak to a girl named Iesha, and I looked out the blinds, and I was like, 'Don't no Iesha stay here.'"

Brown realized she had been set up when several men, including the man she talked to at the front door, forced their way in to the house through a back door.

"The second door came just like, 'Boom!' (It) flew open, and I looked and I didn't see nobody, and somebody stuck the gun in and was like, 'Everybody get down!' So, I ran to the back where my kids was."

Police say six black males forced their way into Brown's home with a gun and held Brown and her children at gunpoint while they looked for money and valuable items. Police are now advising homeowners not to open their doors at night if they are not expecting visitors, and to contact police about any suspicious behavior.

Brown said the men took a lot, but she is thankful she and her three children are alive. "He took a T. V. He took a laptop. He took some jewelry, and he took all our cell phones," she said.

Blytheville police captain Scott Adams said police are following all the leads they have gotten about the burglary and homicide. "We are getting some tips. Even some of the news outlets are starting to get some tips."

Captain Adams said the police will do all they can to keep residents safe, and he encourages residents to do the same for each other.

"If you're out after dark, try to walk with somebody. Let somebody know where you are, where you're going."

Anyone with information about the investigations or to report any suspicious behavior should call the C.O.P.S. hotline at (870) 762-COPS (2677) or the Blytheville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (870) 762-0400 or officer dispatch at (870) 763-4411.

All information is kept confidential.

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