Hall-of-Famer, Lou Brock talks about Diabetes Awareness

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The St. Bernards Health & Wellness Institute played host to one of the most famous St. Louis Cardinals of all-time, Lou Brock.  But the Hall-of-Famer was visiting Region 8 to help spread a message of health.

Brock was the featured speaker Thursday night at the "DiabetesDouble-Play" program.  Residents not only had the chance to get autographs, but were also able to get their A1C levels checked.  The A1C is an average of blood sugarlevels over the last three months.  The test can help in determining if someone is diabetic.

Brock, who played 17 years with the Cardinals, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetesshortly after his 60th birthday.  He has since been able to manage the disease and says making lifestyle changes can help.

Brock was inductedinto the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 and has a statue mounted in his honor atBusch Stadium.

Thursday's program was sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

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