Region 8 lines up for the Mega-Millions

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Millions have spent millions on a chance at Mega-Millions, driving the total jackpot to a record high of 640 Million dollars.

Each person with a pink slip of paper in their hand has dreamed of getting a really big check.

Stores like Mr. T's in Cardwell, Missouri and Murphy Express in Jonesboro were swamped with customers.

Murphy Express manager Tracy Little watched as the door kept swinging open as buyers headed to the cash registers and lottery ticket sellers.

Little, "It's very crazy,where we have had to call another cashier in."

A lot of ticket buyers were people who don't normally buy lottery tickets, first time buyers kept telling me how excited they were to be buying tickets for the first time.

Jim Yawn the district manager for Murphy Express said he has spent a lot of today in the explain mode. "Never done it before, want to know how it works, want to know what the megaplyer is, how to fill out the form."

Winning a huge lottery jackpot is perhaps the ultimate dream and that perhaps is why we buy tickets. Matt Silas put down 400 bucks for four families.

"Somebodies got to win at this point." Silas said. "I feel so why not give it a shot. It's for fun more or less but you got to play to win."

And all this business certainly doesn't hurt the stores either. In Arkansas the store that sells the big winner could get 50 thousand dollars to distribute amongst it employees. Not counting the money they are making off the ticket sales itself.

And people kept on buying tickets, even with the odds stacked way against them winning.

The thrill of the hunt, the dream, you know that one dream in a million that might come through.

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