Pest control businesses are battling mosquitoes earlier than ever

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - March has gone down as the warmest on record, and mosquitoes are expected to make a comeback.

This comes on the heels of a mild winter, with the last freeze occurring in mid-February.
The lack of extremely cold winter temperatures combined with the unusual spring heat and humidity could bring a swarm of pests.
Many in Region 8 are wondering just how thick the mosquitoes will get this spring and summer.
Kendall Winford of All-American Pest Control says the onset could be in the next few weeks, and this may be one of the earliest bug crops he has seen in recent years.
"I think we can expect a bumper bug crop this year. we're going to have a really big crop of mosquitoes and a crop of just about every kind of insect there is...It's called swarm season and it started 3 to 4 weeks early."

After passing through the warmest march on record, pest control services have been swarming just like their insect enemies.

"Insects have started much earlier than usual. I guess most pest control companies right now are really busy."

Standing water under the shade of early-blooming trees has made Region 8 a haven for mosquito larvae.

But Winford says there are ways to battle the bugs right now, before they bite.

"Make sure there's no water source available. One coffee can full of water can produce thousands of mosquitoes."

He says the mosquito population is rather low right now, but if frequent rain and humid weather continues, we could run into trouble.
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