Texas dad leaves kids in the car for an hour while gun shopping

HOUSTON, TX (CNN/KHOU) - It's a story stirring up a lot of debate. A dad in Texas stops to shop for a gun. The problem is, he left his toddler children in the van parked outside for almost an hour.

Some are calling Gage Eason the "worst father in America," according to Courtney Zubowski, a reporter for KHOU.

Eason, however, says he's a good dad. "I love my kids and there's nothing more important than my kids."

Investigators say he left the children outside a gun store last Saturday in Katy while he stopped for a gun. Surveillance shows he was inside for 50 minutes.

"People make mistakes every day. Mine just happened to be shown on camera," says Eason.

The 21-year-old father says he has a hard time judging time and didn't realize it had been so long. His wife showed up after the police were called.

"Yeah, I'm mad at him," says his wife, "Why wouldn't I be? My kids have been ripped from me. He's never made a mistake like this before."

Child Protective Services didn't immediately take away their kids. After a visit last Monday, caseworkers removed them on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Eason could face criminal charges.

His attorney, Julie Ketterman, says, "I don't think there should be criminal charges. There was nothing maliciously done here. There was nothing so outrageous that this father should be ripped from the family, put in jail and the family broken up."