Is a last spring freeze still possible?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's easy to forget how quickly the weather can change in Region 8.

We're finally starting to cool down from last month's record warmth and many of us have let our guard down since the last frost experienced was in mid-March.

But if you've got the green thumb, you may want to wait a few more days.

The average last spring freeze is April 2nd, but that doesn't mean chilly temperatures can't return.

Todd Smith owns a local nursery and says we're not out of the woods quite yet.

"Certainly has been warm, things are beginning to flush out and flower, those types of things. So any new growth is very susceptible to being burned."

Keep in mind the latest freeze we've ever had was May 6th, 1985.

"This is probably about the earliest spring since we've been started and it's been, this is our 5th year."

Business really picked up about a month ago, and many have already begun mulching, adding pre-emerge, and even planting annuals.

"Anything that's been planted recently, you may just want to make sure it's mulched in well, watered in well. Those are precautions you can take to make sure the plants are insulated and protected from frost. But certainly you want to put maybe a frost cloth on."

April is known for its wild temperature swings and frequent rain systems, so Smith is expecting a frost to sneak its way in.

If cooler weather indeed returns to the forecast, be sure to mulch, water, and cover your plants to avoid burning.

"If you've done any early planting on any of your vegetables plants, you want to make sure you've got those covered with a frost cloth. You definitely want to make sure that you're protected."

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