Special farewell planned for GCT "Old Main" building

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Greene County Tech school officials say the original high school built in the late 40s will soon be no more. That's because the building, also known as "old main", is scheduled to be torn down.

"It's is called "old Main" and it was build in 1947. It was the original Greene County Tech High School," said GCT Superintendent Jerry Noble.

It's a sight that you cannot miss coming down Highway 412 in Paragould. But soak up the view while you can..."In the next month or so they'll be coming in to tear it down," said Noble.

Noble says the 65 year-old brick building is on it's last leg. "I have seen older building in better shape than this one. I don't know if it's bad construction of what, but it's just in bad shape."

Noble says it's not worth the expense it would take renovate. The building has sat empty since January, when students moved over to the New High School off HW 49. The district has used the building over the past few years only because they had no other option.

"We had to use it for space. You see GCT has grown so much in the past few years. When we built that other building next door. I don't know how much they used this one, but as we grew, we had to use this one even more," said Noble.

Staff members are working to sort through what's left inside classrooms setting aside computers and anything else worth saving.

While it might now look like much now, it's a specials place for the many students who have walked these halls.

Names of the graduates from years past are even carved out down the walk way leading to the building.

"We realize there are a lot of memories here and a lot people went to school here. So we're going to have a history day. People can come and take pictures and walk down memory lane," said Noble.

But the historical "eagle's nest" could live on in whatever takes it's place.

"When we tear it down, we'll have them save the brick even to maybe use later. You know in the new high school we used the brick off the old south school out in the court yard. So we may do some of that here,"said Noble.

Noble plans to eventually build a new structure to house additional classrooms and possibly a new library for the Junior High.

For those of you interested in saying your farewells to "old main." The history day is schedule next Thursday April 12th from 9am to 1pm.

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