Pit bull attack raises questions about adoption

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A dog attack in Baxter county has police asking questions, and a local humane society preaching honesty when filling out adoption papers.

The attack was done by a 9-month-old pit-bull on a 3-year-old child. Because it was a pit bull and a child was in the home, the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society says the dog never should have been in the home in the first place.

"Because obviously there are types of dogs and sizes of dogs that wouldn't be appropriate for homes with toddlers." Margaret Shepherd the Executive Director of the Humane Society told me today. She says that anyone that wants to adopt a dog in Jonesboro must fill out a 3 page application and answer questions.

Shepherd says it is amazing how many people lie on those applications.

"Fake address, fake phone number, fake employers but we have ways to find out before they go home."

According to the Baxter County Sheriff's Department, Amber Moody  lied on her adoption application about having kids in the home in order to get a pit bull into her home.

Roughly one month later, the dog attacked Moody's 3-year-old son, severely injuring him.

Shepherd says it is important to match a dog to the family or prospective owner. "If a dog is overly playful it could injure a small child or trip an older person so we try to very specific when we ask questions about where the dog is going." Many towns around Jonesboro specifically forbid a pit bull going into a home where there are children.

Shepherd says if you have kids in the home and you want to adopt a dog, no matter what, you need to make sure your kids are comfortable around dogs, so they know how act around the dog.

Shepherd, "If a dog is sleeping and the child goes and jumps on it, it doesn't even know who jumped on it. It's first reaction is to turn around and snap.

Shepherd said they rarely get pit bulls at the shelter but she  feels that it's not the *type* of dog that matters when it comes to attacks

"It's not the breed, all breeds of dogs have the potential to be a threat."

At the Humane Society of Northeast Arkansas, they have a two week return policy, in case the match doesn't work out.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the attack on 3-year-old Ryland Moody, and if any charges will be filed against his mother amber.

We'll continue to track this story and bring you any new updates as soon as they become available