Civic group prepares parents for unthinkable

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – One of the biggest fears for parents is to have their child go missing, so one civic group is preparing moms and dads for the unimaginable.

The Exchange Club of Paragould joined forces with the local police department for a free fingerprinting clinic Saturday.

Parents visited the Paragould Pediatrics office to fill out a kit, which will help police locate a child in case of an abduction. The kits included a copy of the child's fingerprints as well as a record of height, weight and a sample of hair.

The Exchange Change promotes prevention of child abuse and neglect, and member Gary Cremeens says the weekend event matches that mission.

"With all the things we hear about children that are abducted, things of that nature, we wanted to do something that may be helpful for parents that they could at least aid in the recovery of their child," Cremeens said.

He added that the group prepared to fingerprint 400 children. The group did expect that many, as this is the first year for the event. Members, however, hope to hold similar events in the future.

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