Capital Murder Suspect Billy Green Denies Charges In Exclusive Interview

March 25, 2004 -- Posted at 7:33 p.m CST

JONESBORO—In a rare jailhouse interview with Billy Green, the man charged with murder in the 1998 deaths of the Carl Elliott family in Randolph County, Diana Davis sat down with him at the Craighead County Detention Center. Green has sent Diana several letters asking for an investigation into his case from news media. He insists he's being framed for the murders of the Elliott family. Billy Green tells Diana that "I'm innocent of all charges.  They're trying to frame me up and they cut a deal with my son and it deferred his sentence until he testifies against me...I'm scared they're going to railroad him."

Green explained his reasoning for his charges and the charges against his sons: Chad and Jason Green. Green states: "I think it's political. I think they've made some kind of promise. Brent Early getting elected...Henry Boyce getting elected..this is a new election year. It's almost 5 years to the day and alot of people is down on me and my family...but we are innocent." Diana asked how he can defend himself against that. Green responded, "I didn't do it," when questioned about key pieces of evidence...such as blood and hair belonging to that of Carl Elliott found in a car sold by Bill Green five days after the murder. Green went on to say, "from the way I understand it, that's my son's blood and hair..Chad and Jason where they had a fist fight in the Cadillac.. It's got nothing to do with the Elliott's."

Carl Elliott died of two .22 caliber gunshot wounds, and  .22 caliber shell casings were also found in that car. When Diana asked Green about the shell casings, he claims they are from another individual who owned the car before him.

So if Billy Green had nothing to do with their murders, why would his sons agree to testify against him, when he could get the death penalty? Green says, "it looks like that but he's only making this statement to avoid the death penalty because they threatened him with the death I said before I don't think he's guilty of it."

But is Billy Green guilty of murder? Diana asks him directly, "Did you kill Carl Elliott? Green is quick to respond, "No ma'am, I did not kill Carl Elliott. I've never killed no one in my life."

Is he telling the truth? Thursday at 6 pm, we learn what Billy Green says about his "checkered past" with the law. What he claims, and court records show, aren't the same. Green says, "I've been charged with one drug charge in my life. No trafficking or anything like that. I don't deal drugs. I don't sell drugs. I don't mess with drugs."

We'll see what the record shows about Green's drug possessions and how he finds himself in court next month answering to those charges, before he faces trial for capital murder.