Bargain items are out there for shoppers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – For consumers who are in search of a bargain, the spring months could be the best time to find items on sale.

Shoppers like Sam Hood are always in search of a bargain. "I like to buy everything on sale," Hood said.

"You just have to figure what season it is and buy out of season."

Hood is on the right track to save money, according to retail experts, who say consumers can snag a deal on just about anything if they know where and when to look. According to retail experts, in April, off-season clothing, electronics, and even patio furniture are marked down to make way for the latest trends and gadgets.

Allecca Whitley said bargain hunting is a necessity for her family. "I have a variety of ages of children. It goes from almost 18 down to almost six, and you got to look for the greater price and for the best value."

At the Kmart on Caraway Rd., Whitley found a deal on a grill, which is another item retail experts say consumers should look out for right now, because stores want to get rid of older models.

In addition, retail experts cite thrift stores and garage sales as places to find bargains because so many people spring clean in March and April.

Although Whitley cannot resist a good bargain, she said there are a few things for which she will gladly pay a little extra money. "Things for my children, I would pay the money for extra things for them because they are to me the best value, and so I would go out of my way for them."

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