Hidden Terror Eats at Dreams

What weighs next to nothing, has a voracious appetite, and destroys more property than fire, home and tornado damage combined?  Termites.  Experts say they are everywhere.  For every human, there is a half-ton of termites on Earth.  And for the next two months they will be on the move.

Paul Gibson the owner of Jonesboro Termite Company says the average termite colony eats five pounds of wood each year.  Damage which many times goes unnoticed due to the pests eating from the inside out.

The good news is, now is also the best time to fight termites.  Gibson advises everyone to purchase termite insurance to protect their most valuable asset....their homes.  The cost are minimal but the upside is immeasurable.

Termites are related to ants.  They form colonies which average thousands of individual members.  They prefer damp places.  This lends to them often times finding the bottom of homes as ideal.

Terry Woodard, who is an expert on termites says one of the most important steps a home owner can take is choosing the right pest control person.  He says always make sure they are liscensed and bonded.  You can also talk to family, friends, and nieghbors to find out who they are using.  Lastly, he says to call around not only for the best price but also for the person you feel most comfortable with.