Accused Murderer Billy Green Talks About His Record With the Law

March 25, 2003--Posted at 7:15 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--What will happen when Chad and Jason Green take the stand to testify in their father's capitol murder trial next month?

Even though they've agreed to testify against their father, Billy Green, in the deaths of the Carl Elliott family from Dalton, it's anyone's guess what the sons will say on the stand.

"I believe when it comes out, the truth will come out and I believe my boys will tell the truth," said Billy Green during an interview at the Craighead County Jail.

But, the "truth" according to whom?

When asked about his past, and whether or not he thought it led authorities to name him the prime suspect, Green said, "Randolph county's prejudiced against me.  Has been for years."

Billy Green claims its a vendetta by law enforcement that's landed him in jail today, awaiting trial, first on charges of drug possession in Sharp County, next month.

And in May he'll stand trial for the murders of Carl Elliot, his wife Lisa, and their children, Felicia and Gregory.

When asked about his record with authorities Green said, "I've been charged with one drug charge in my life."

But court records show differently.   In 1991, Billy Green was charged with one count of manufacture of a controlled substance along with possession of a handgun.  A jury sentenced him to 10 years for the manufacture of marijuana.

In 1995, Green faced charges for possession of a controlled substance again, marijuana and being a felon in possession of a firearm.  He was found guilty and served six months jail time.

Then Green was arrested in July of 2003 for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and drug paraphernalia.  He'll be tried in Sharp County next month on those charges.

"I don't deal drugs. I don't sell drugs.  I don't mess with drugs.  I had one marijuana charge and I'm innnocent of that," said Green.

But Randolph County court documents detail Billy Green's run-ins with the law.  From charges of stealing personal property to domestic violence.

His own daughter sought an order of protection against him in October of 2001.  His wife did the same that month, citing verbal and physical abuse.  Mary green told authorities he held a gun to her head and said "Say your prayers. You're gone."

"I've lost everything that ever meant anything to me over this happening.  My wife of 30 years is not with me no more. She took'em to Wisconsin.  My kids, I've not been able to see'em. I've got two little grandbabies that think I'm dead cause they can't see their paw-paw," said Green.  "I'm not really a bad person. They're just making it look bad on me."

While his sons have cut deals with the prosecutor Green said he will not.  "No sir. No ma'am. I am innocent. I'm not going to cut no deals with them. I'm going to fight them in court," said Green.