Jonesboro PD Says New Law Won't Effect Them

The Jonesboro Police department says a new law requiring officers to notify a person of their rights before entering their home will not affect their department.  The reason is they say they have already been advising residents of their right to deny officers searching their homes without a warrant.

Steve McDanielle of the Jonesboro PD says often times officers are instructed to go so far as to seek a signed letter acknowledging the resident understood their rights.  McDanielle adding the PD is constantly watching court cases nationwide to make sure they are one step ahead of the court system.

Homeowner Jo Beth Wharton says she is glad officers are now required to say "You have the right to refuse consent to this search."  She says she doesn't plan on having officers at her doorstep but would still be very nervous if it ever happened.  Admitting while she knows the law she could be intimidated or forgetful of rights.

McDanielle says while homes are protected by the new law, many argue the fourth ammendment doesnt go as far when talking about vehicles.  McDanielle says while they try to follow the same guidelines when pulling over cars.....the courts are more forgiving to searches conducted away from a person's home.