CP-31 and WRP hardwood eligible for forest carbon income

 LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – The GreenTrees reforestation approach has generated 2 million tons of carbon credits under contract from over 40 landowners throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. GreenTrees is for landowners with land in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley who want to grow and own the most valuable and vibrant hardwood forest possible. It was the first to register reforestation carbon and command strong prices.

GreenTrees has a 5-year history in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of bringing new planting options and sources of income for those who reforest their land. Landowners now have a new opportunity to sell forest carbon from young, existing hardwood stands.

GreenTrees' new service, Carbon Farmers, measures the carbon stored on landowners' qualified hardwood forest. Landowner properties must meet the following criteria to qualify:
      • At least 100 acres are enrolled in CRP or WRP
      • If they are CRP acres, they are specifically enrolled in the CRP Practice CP-31 (Bottomland Hardwoods for Wetlands) The CP-31 contract or WRP contract began in 2006 or later.

If all three criteria are met, the landowner should contact GreenTrees. GreenTrees and the landowner split the income 50/50 after they sell the carbon tons. But in order to sell the credits, GreenTrees must measure, verify and register the tons on the American Carbon Registry. GreenTrees performs all of these requirements at no cost to the landowner.

Interested landowners should contact either Andy Johnson at 870-403-3885 or Bob Misso at 866-623-8733, extension 8945.