Loophole May Aid in Dinking Front Car Glass

We've all bee there before.  You're driving down the road when a tiny pebble falls from a truck damaging your window.  For many dump truck drivers the spring season is the busiest.  And is also the time where many cars will see extra dings in their windshields.

You may be curious to know these trucks are heavily regulated.  They can only carry so much weight.  They are inspected often.  And drivers have to pass a mentally demanding test before they can drive.  But depending on how old their truck is a driver of an open bed truck may not have to cover up his goods.

The Arkansas State Police say a new law is being grandfathered in slowly.  Any truck built before September 30, 2001 will not have to cover their loads.  Any newer truck is required by state law to cover up.

Troopers defend the truck drivers by saying many times it isn't falling rocks doing the damage.  It is oftentimes loose gravel on the road being picked up and flung which poses the greatest challenge.  Troopers say while truck drivers are responsible for securing their loads, drivers should also be aware.

They say drivers should never follow close behind one of these "big rigs" and also pass whenever possible.  Adsding a driver should always be aware of their suroundings.