Lottery players may want to try their luck in Paragould

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – The Arkansas Scholarship Lotteryannounced Friday that Donny Wilson of Lafe won $10,000 from a $10 scratch-offthat he bought at the Holiday Liquor Store in Paragould.

The win comes weeks after the Kum & Go in Paragould solda Mega Millions ticket worth $250,000. This lucky streak is making someconsider going to Greene County to try their luck on the lottery, while othersare concerned how long the good fortune will last.

"Kind of how like someone won here a couple days ago, nowthis is the lucky store," said Caitlin Garner, the promotional manager at the HolidayLiquor Store, "so now everybody's been coming here thinking that they're goingto win again too."

A picture of Donny Wilson with his $10,000 check now hangsin the liquor store, reminding customers just how quickly their luck canchange. It helps residents like Steve Edgar realize how a reward can come fromrisk.

"I've won $100. That's about it," Edgar said. "I've probablyspent more than that."

Losses have done little to discourage him from trying timeand time again. He dreams of paying off his debts and buying a new car, so hebets on the big jackpots – usually buying Mega Million and PowerBall ticketsonce a week.

"Some of my family plays every once in a while, not veryoften," Edgar said. "They think it's a waste of money. It is."

Optimism, however, persists because someone has to win, andwhy not go to a place known for its luck? That perception, Garner says, haskept lottery ticket sales steady at the liquor store, spiking several weeks agowhen the Mega Millions reached a record amount.

Edgar bought 10 tickets then, only to come out emptyhanded. Hestill went to the liquor store Friday and bought more, his weekly routine.

"I always think I might win."

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