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Facial yoga for anti-aging

The yoga facial is an anti-aging regimen like no other. It helps to keep some parts of the face perky and plump and others nice and smooth.

"Much like your muscles below your neck, you can exercise and tone the muscles in the face and try to train those that we want to keep smoother," said Erica Williams, an esthetician and masseuse at the Kahala Spa in Hawaii. "It's very easy; you don't need anything to do it. You've got your face and it's actually fun to do with the kids."

Fun, because you look really silly doing it. Erica says the crazier you look, the better. You're working those muscles, plus it's a mood lifter!

"It gets the blood flowing," said Erica. "It does enhance circulation and you do a lot of deep breathing, so you get all of this oxygenation. It's better than a cup of coffee."

As with other forms of yoga, you start with the breath. You also want to remember a couple of key concepts.

"We take a nice inhalation breath and exhale and on the next inhale, open the eyes wide, exhale for three breath counts. It's important to look in the mirror and really notice your eyes open and as wide as you can. The key to doing all of these exercises is to keep that botox forehead. Sometimes it's great to just put your hand or a couple of fingers there; it's a counterintuitive measure to remind your forehead to relax while you keep your eyes open wide," said Erica.

Now, you're ready for the yoga exercises. This one is called "Marilyn Kisses."

"You really want to take a big, deep kiss and fan out so that you really work the lower jaw area. Eyes wide; relax the forehead," Erica demonstrated.

There's the "Smiling Fish," where you inhale and suck in.

It's harder than it looks.

"That's why it's exercise, because you're going to get better. You have to practice isolating the muscles," explained Erica. "Three to five minutes in the morning is all it takes. If you did it at least three times a week, a lot of people notice a big difference."

Watch the video above to see more facial yoga exercises!

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Some additional facial exercises:


- fill cheeks with air

- alternating cheeks

- fill each cheek 10 times

- repeat motion 3 times

Buggs Bunny Sniffs-Sniff

- place fingers in nasolabial fold for resistance

- do your best not to move brows

- flex 20 times

- repeat motion 3 times

Prom Queen

- open mouth smile as if laughing out loud

- open eyes wide

- relax forehead

- hold for 5, 7, 10 seconds

- repeat 5 times

Smiling Fish

- suck cheeks in

- at the same time, smile wide outwards and lifting up towards ears

- keep eyes bright and open, no squinting

- pulse for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times

Marilyn Kisses

- with a strong firm pucker

- exaggerated air kisses to the left and right

- repeat 10 times each side

Tongue Tracing

- with mouth open, trace tongue around 4 points

- complete 5 times

- repeat in the opposite direction

Free Your Tongue

- stick your tongue out and say ahhhh

- hold out for 30 seconds

- keep rest of face relaxed

- repeat 3 times

Brow Lift

- holding at outer brow

- raise brows and move inward

- repeat 3 times at the center

- repeat 3 times at the mid brow

- repeat 3 times at the outer brow

Temple Dancer Eyes

- keep eyes wide and forehead relaxed

- look left for 2 seconds, then center for 2 seconds, then right for 2 seconds

- repeat 5 times

Surprise Me!

- keeping eyes wide and forehead relaxed, widen eyes even more as if very surprised

- don't wrinkle the brows

- focus on an imaginary horizon and hold for 5, 7 then 10 seconds

- repeat 3 times

Lion Stretch Face

- take a deep inhale

- fists near face, scowl and pucker (raisin face)

- make sure to constrict ALL your facial muscles

- hold 3 seconds, then release, open face, eyes wide, tongue out

- repeat 5 times

Baby Bird Turn

- turn face, chin up, smiling at 5 angles

- starting from left to right

- repeat 5 times

Kiss the Ceiling

- pucker looking up, stretching neck

- kiss ceiling 10 times on left side, 10 times on right side

- repeat 3 times

Fish Face

- lower teeth over upper

- jut lower jaw out 10 times

- repeat motion 3 times

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