"The Moving Wall" Coming to Wynne

MARCH 30, 2004 - Posted at 1:45 p.m. CDT

WYNNE, AR - "Vietnam: The Moving Wall" in Wynne in late April.  "The Moving Wall" is a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The metal wall contains the names of the 58,234 American servicemen and women killed during the Vietnam War.

Based in San Jose, California, the wall is longer than a football field, and tours the country each year.  The April 23-29 stop in Wynne will be the structure's only stop in Arkansas in 2004.

"The Wall's" Wynne appearance is being sponsored by the Cross County Veterans Memorial Committee.  "This is an extraordinary experience for everyone," Marguerite Burt of the committee said.  "By bringing 'The Moving Wall' here, many people will have the opportunity to experience the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, who might otherwise never have the chance during their lifetime."

Viewing of "The Wall" will begin on Friday, April 23.  It will be located in front of Wynne High School on Highway 1.  It will be open 24 hours per day, with no admission charge.

Opening ceremonies are set for April 24 at 10 a.m.