Bankers teach students to save

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A group of Region 8 bankers stepped into a classroom of students to teach them the value of money.

This program is part of the American Bankers Association program called, "Teach Children to Save".

Bankers and Loan Officers from Bancorpsouth worked with students from the International Studies Magnet School in Jonesboro to teach them better saving habits and spending habits with money.

Second grade teacher at the International Studies Magnet School, Beth Couch, says this event is very helpful when it comes to the information the students need to retain for the common core curriculum.

"Students not only have to know the value of money," Couch said. "They have to know how to spend it, how to count change back and be able to relate it to the real world. So, to be able to integrate our community in with our students helps them gain a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of money."

Caryl Steele with Bancorpsouth says the earlier kids start leaning about money, the better.

"We have found that if good children develop saving habits at a young age," Steele said. "As adults they are very fiscally responsible and they understand how to handle their money in a good way and as a result the saving realizes those short term and long term goals."

Couch says it's wonderful to have representatives from the community adding to and reinforcing what the kids learn in the classroom.

"I feel it's vital that we have our community members integrated into our classrooms and connected with our students to get them to learn," Couch said. "As a teacher and as a parent, it's also important for our kids to be motivated. And kids love money, they love to count money and with this exercise they're actually going to get to shop in a store today and be able to purchase things with their money."

Steele said the lessons they teach are hands on and fun.

"Most of the children I think really enjoy it," Steele said. "Especially when they're allowed to participate. That's why this year we're doing something different and each child is going to play the part of a coin and we will learn how different combinations of different coins can add up to be the same amount of money."

Couch says these types of hands on activities are very effective with the students.

"It's very beneficial for our kids to learn project based learning to integrate money skills into everything that they do," Couch said. "And with this activity, the school store that Bancorpsouth is going to be presenting to our kids, they are not only going to learn the dominations of the money they are going to be able to apply it in a real world setting."

Steele says this is the sixteenth year for this program to reach children nationwide.

Representatives from Bancorpsouth worked with sixty-five second graders.

This program reached five million kids nationwide.

For more information about this program, log onto their website.

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