Newport Police Investigating Incident Involving School Superintendent

March 31, 2004 -- Posted at 10:15 p.m. CST

Newport, AR -- Newport Police are investigating an alleged fight between a school superintendent, his son and a member of the local media.

The alleged incident happened this morning during a meeting called by Newport Superintendent Floyd Marshall with 4 local media outlets. They were there to discuss possible changes for advertising and broadcasting of school events, but the meeting ended with David Black, the co-owner of Channel 15 in Newport, being sent to the doctor.

The Newport Police Department is keeping quiet at this time, saying only that this incident is under investigation.

At question: did Newport Superintendent Floyd Marshall, and his son Ryan, who works at the school, assault Channel 15's David Black? Marshall says no.

Marshall says there was no shoving, and it was just a verbal exchange. As for his son's involvement, he says Ryan came through, saw the confrontation, and just naturally separated everyone. Marshall adds Ryan didn't hit black, and everyone just likes to have a good story.

K-8 News has obtained a copy of the topics discussed at the meeting. Sources confirm that the verbal confrontation centered around some of the proposals.

The school district is calling for no broadcast or televised programs, if advertisement is sold without the approval of the school district. Another proposal: if all games are not broadcast or televised, the school will select which games will be.

One witness of today's event, that wishes to remain anonymous, says Marshall got in David Black's face, pushed him, and then his son Ryan punched Black from behind.

The news of this incident is sending shock waves through the school community. One school board member told us a meeting must be called to fix this situation.

As for teachers they say anonymously that Marshall has been horrible...he harasses teachers...and they want him out.