Local Community Wins National Award

Paragould Arkansas is one of the best communities in the nation to live in.  This according to relocate-america.com.  Paragould ranks second.  Marion, Arkansas finished in the top 100.

Relocate-america.com uses several factors in determining the top communities.  They begin the process through nominations.  Nominated towns are compared through education, crime, employment, and housing date.  This score is then taken into account when computing the top one hundred.  The finalist are then compared through inquires throughout the previous year.  When the smoke cleared Paragould was second to only one.

Sue McGowan, Head of the Paragould Chamber of Commerce, says the community is special because of the people.  She says the community has self taxed themselves over 160 million dollars over the past several years.  Fueling funding for education, jails, and other public works.