Pocahontas Girls Basketball Coach Suspended

April 1, 2004--Posted at 9:15 p.m.

POCAHONTAS--A Region 8 basketball coach is temporarily benched for his alleged involvement with a female student.

Pocahontas high school girls' head basketball coach Rick Estes is suspended with pay, after Arkansas State Police received a complaint that Estes had been involved in a case of child mal-treatment.

Former Pochohantas basketball player Whitney Blacksher says she knows a little something about Estes' coaching style, she played on his team a few years ago.

"He always looked at certain girls, stared them up and down. It was kind of scary," said Blacksher.  "Some of us quit.  He had the picks of the litter."

Pocahontas school superintendent Marcus Van Camp confirmed that he suspended Estes over spring break and an investigation is underway.

Van Camp says the decision was made after being contacted by the state police who had received a complaint about Estes' conduct with a student.

Van Camp also says the school conducted its own investigation on Estes at the beginning of the year, after rumors had surfaced about his possible involvement with students, but nothing came from that investigation.

Charges have not been filed, but K8 news has learned that the crimes against children unit of the Arkansas State Police is handling this investigation.

Officials with the state police also declined to comment on this matter, only saying they were notified of the wrong-doing either through their hotline, another law enforcement agency, or someone in the community. Officials also would not specify on the allegations made against Estes, nor who is involved.

Estes, who's also a social studies teacher at the school, could not be reached for comment this afternoon.