Newport School Board Votes to Investigate Incident with School Superintendent

April 1, 2004 -- Posted 10:15 p.m. CST

Newport, AR -- A special school board session was called in Newport after yesterday's alleged fight between the school superintendent, his son, and a member of the local media.

Newport School Superintendent Floyd Marshall and his son, Ryan, also a school employee, allegedly assaulted Channel 15's David Black during a meeting with local media.

On Thursday night, more than 60 members of the community attended a special called session of the school board in order to voice their opinions.

It was an emotional entrance for Channel 15's David Black, the first time seeing community members since yesterday's altercation. Black says he has filed civil charges and intends to file criminal charges against Floyd Marshall and his son Ryan. But the focus of the meeting was on how the school will handle the incident.

School Board President Linda Miller called the meeting to consider investigating Black's claims of assault. Board members unanimously voted to pursue an investigation and to use local counsel to identify and interview witnesses.

But most say they didn't get to do what they came for; to tell the board what they think of Superintendent Marshall.

K-8 news has learned Ryan Marshall has been suspended from his position with the school district, pending the results of all the investigations. But there's some confusion as to whom made that decision and why his father, the district's superintendent, isn't suspended as well.

Floyd Marshall and his son did not attend the meeting.