NEA for Animals host "Early Easter" for Region 8 Pets and Kids

Dogs, cats, and kids of all ages filled the Petco parking lot today in an effort to place these animals in good homes.

Today even the Easter Bunny joined the fun hoping to draw a large crowd to the event and increase pet adoption in our area.

((Fill out a home questionare you go through an interview after the interview depending on the dog if everything is going to work out then you fill out the adoption papers you agree if the dog is not already spayed to have it spayed keep it on heartworm prevenative to never let it run free to never chain it, you will keep it inside a fence or inside your home.))

All of the animals in the organization currently live in foster homes in hopes that will ease the adjustment between old home and new home.

((Everybody here goes back to a home enviroment where they learn to be pottie trained, they learn house social skills.))

With every adoption, parents recieve free training for the new arrival, along with educational material explaining how to raise a happy healthy pet.

((The Northeast Arkansans for animals is out here every Saturday from 1-4 in efforts to adopt out the animals that are out here today.))

Now there was plenty of entertainment out here today.

As if a pen full of playfull little puppies wasn't enough, there was also an easter egg hunt and several prize giveaways for all age groups.

In jonesboro with photojournalist jr hargan, lauren payne k-8 news.