Renowned Civil Rights-Era Photojournalist Honored at ASU

Renowned Photojournalist Ernest Withers began his career during the tender years in Junior high school.

While other people thought he was a nuisance with his camera, he was simply showing the world through his own eyes.

((Ernest Withers: As a news Photographer I had to move about and record the images but they thought I may have been disturbing the audience.))

With formal photography training beginning when he enrolled in the military, Withers photographed the Pacific Coast, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima just to name a few.

As time passed and his love of photography grew...Withers says some of his most memorable moments as a Photographer came during the Civil Rights Movement.

He talks fondly about a bus ride he took with Dr. Martin Luther King when they sat in the front seat together on the first desegregated bus.

Minnijean Brown was pleased to see a photo of herself from the 50's.

The picture was taken in Little Rock in front of Central High school.

((Minnijean Brown: I tended to drop my books everyday, I am really pleased to see he took that photo.))

((Lauren Payne: The pictures on the wall show the world through the eyes of Ernest Withers during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's and 1960's.))

Withers photos show the best and worst of America, along with the hope and opportuntiy it had to offer.

The photos remind him of how far we have come and how far we as Americans have to go.

While he has travled the world with his camera, no place he has been is more special to him than his own home with his family.

((Ernest Withers: Being a husband of one wife and a family man of seven boys and one girl.))

Ernest Withers is 81 years old and is still working tirelessly in photography.

He travels in and around Memphis doing what he loves and through his own eyes he continues giving people a window to the world.

In Jonesboro with Photojournalist J.R. Hargan, Lauren Payne K8 news.