ASU celebrates Earth Day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's annual Earth Day Event kicked off Friday with around 200 fourth through sixth graders from area schools attending.

Associate Professor of Botany at Arkansas State University, Dr. Bob Bennett, says they want to make people stop and think.

"This is a big celebration," Bennett said. "We're trying to bring the attention to the public the environmental issues that face us as a country and as a nation. The point to raise public awareness."

Bennett said they hoped to discuss a number of the planet's growing problems and some possible solutions.

"We want to bring attention to global warming," Bennett said. "Also, bio diversity and other sorts of issues we face not only as a nation but as a global community."

Valley View Librarian Amy Simpson says their students participate in a variety of different recycling projects.

They brought 46 of their students to earth day.

"Our boys and girls recycle at Valley View School," Simpson said. "We recycle cans and we have a paper recycling program and we recently held an up cycle fair where our students made new things out of trash that they had at home. So, we've brought our winners and our students that participate in the recycling program to see how Earth Day is celebrated in other parts of our city ."

Bennett says the sooner kids beginning learning about our environment the better.

"This is, in essence, the beginning of their education about Earth Day and the importance of environmental issues," Bennett said. "They as young children will become more active, involved as they grow older. Hopefully they will become more informed and that we will all be better off because they will be much greater informed about all the environmental issues and be active in trying to save our planet. And when we says save the planet what we actually mean is we're trying to save ourselves."

Simpson says the Earth Day event at ASU helps their students to get a sense of what it's like in the rest of the world.

"It helps our kids," Simpson said. "To see how Earth Day is celebrated in our community and what other people are doing to take care of our earth."

Around thirty-three exhibitors set up booths for the students to view, not to mention a guest appearance by Congressman Rick Crawford.

For more information about Earth Day at ASU, log onto this website.

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