Rising Fuel Prices Not Stopping Travel in Motor Homes

APRIL 5, 2004 - Posted at 6:31 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Traveling the country in a large RV is a bit more challenging these days.

With gasoline at $1.75 or more a gallon, filling the large fuel tank on a recreational vehicle takes some money.  James Jones of Batesville spent $100 filling up today.

Jones and his wife, Dorothy, moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Batesville after he retired 24 years ago, and they still own a home in the Independence County town.

But they spend much of their time on the road, living in a 37-foot motor home that was parked today in a camping site at the Army Engineers' Maumelle Park west of Little Rock.

At five or six miles per gallon, Jones says the gas he bought today will get him almost 300 miles down the road.  Jones isn't pleased with the cost of fuel, but said the couple has no plans to cut down on their travel.

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